Attention "Law Enforcement"
Contractors operating on the
streets of America under orders
from the White House or the DOJ:
Your mandate exceeds
your legal authority.
You are not police. Any police
powers you are exercising
are not legitimate.
You are ordered
to stand down
and disperse
— immediately —
You are operating in direct violation of the laws of the United States of America, of the states and cities in which you are working, and of the rights of the citizens of this country.
Your operation is a political offensive and therefore constitutes a fundamental violation of long-established principles of Constitutional law and jurisprudence.
You are obligated under law to cease any active engagement with or assault upon peaceful protesters, medical and support personnel, media, and bystander observers.
You are likewise obligated under law to restrain any of your colleagues who fail to stand down as indicated herein.
If you fail to stand down, you will be seized, detained, and tried for your crimes.
Resistance will be met with whatever force is required, up to and including lethal force, to obtain your submission.